AWR Formatter


Anyone who usually look at AWR performance reports to analyze Oracle performance problems, often have their own reading process and approach to all data that shows this report, but I always missed a tool that make easier reading all data.


In-database analytical solutions. Case SAS - Teradata


Within SAS solutions focused on improving performance and response time analytic environments highlights the effort with the proposed SAS In-Database. This proposal is accompanied by other high-performance solutions such as Grid Computing and SAS In-memory, which also improve performance, help manage the workload and improve the scalability of analytic environments.


Help in the definition of KPI's. Library use.


One of the key phases in any Business Intelligence project and in particular the definition of Dashboard is the identification of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These metrics that quantify objectives are closely linked to business processes that measure, but there are standard libraries that proposed KPI's and that can help us to define it better. 


One of them is:


This library classifies KPI's by sector and business process. Logically, it is necessary to land and adapt to specific business process and performance targets to be achieved at estrategical level, but can be of great help and give ideas to propose indicators derived from those proposed.




Within the area of ​​human resources and in particular the formation processes, proposes more than 30 KPIs, as shown:


      Average number of training hours per employee

      Average costs per employee training

      Percentage of on-line courses

      Percentage of budget dedicated HR to training

Do your BI platform support the data source you want to analyze?


Although the latest versions of most BI platforms support a wide range of data sources, this is a common question which involved the version of your BI tool, the version of the database file format or ERP that acts as a data source and the operating system.


In the case of SAS can solve these questions by referring to the SAS / ACCESS Validation Matrix, selecting the version of SAS, the database, the operating system and you have the answer.

Open Data at Barcelona Web Congress


At the Web Congress in Barcelona, ​​I attended a workshop on Open Data in wich Martín Alvarez Espinar, W3C Spanish Office's head, and Jordi Graells i Costa, coordinator of content and innovation of the Generalitat de Catalunya, explained what is the international initiative Open Data, and how it is developed in concrete projects in some communities of Spain, as Asturias and Catalonia.

RHIPE: Using Hadoop to analyze very large data with R


Hadoop is an Apache project that provides an environment that supports the management of large amounts of data. Such systems are typically used to support the large amount of information generated by great social networks, especially when relational databases are beginning to have problems of scalability, or the cost of growth is too high.

Oracle RAC One Node


In Oracle 11g release 2, Oracle introduced a new product Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node (Oracle RAC One Node)

This product is an Oracle RAC' s instance but executed in one single node. May be run on different physical servers, not only one (this is common) but a database instance is running only on the same node 
simultaneously  (* but we'll see later that this is not completely true).


Results of the last Forrester Wave about Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms


In his blog Boris Evelson explains the more relevant results of the las Forrester Wave about Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms.

These are the last movements, extracted from it:

  1. IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle, and SAS continue to lead the pack.
  2. Information Builders, Microsoft, and MicroStrategy move into the Leaders category.
  3. TIBCO Spotfire and Actuate maintain their Strong Performer status.
  4. QlikTech and Panorama Software move into the Strong Performer category.


Interesting resources from IBM Redbooks


IBM Redbooks

Interesting resources about DB2, Informix and IBM System X for BI from IBM Redbooks


Some MySQL news, tips and resources


News and interesting resources about MySQL announced on the last MySQL newsletter

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