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These are the 20 most popular 2010 contents on IBM developerWorks. The TOP 20 is based on newsletter subscriber activity. Very interesting list, specially for developers.

Top ten BI stories from Information Management


Top ten BI stories from Information ManagementTop 10 stories from Information Management:

  • “Best in BI? Ask the Crowd” by Jim Ericson

  • “Pros and Cons of Using a Vendor Provided Analytical Data Model in Your BI Implementation” by Boris Evelson

  • “BI, Analytics and Statistical Science” by Steve Miller ... 

"FilterTwoListComponent" for Pentaho CDF


"FilterTwoListComponent" for Pentaho CDFDear,
on this occasion I presented from group eGluBI/OpenBits a feature called "FilterTwoListComponent" for Pentaho CDF.
Transcribe some of the documentation:



Change the host name (hostname) in Windows XP with DB2 9.7


In many cases it happens that for some reason changed the hostname in our operating system, if this is the case and we also have an installation of DB2 9.7 ESE and the operating system is Windows XP, the way our DB2 instance start up correctly is:

Suppose the old name is new is OLDNAME and NEWNAME...


How to Twitter from a procedure in Oracle PL / SQL


API Calling Twitter from stored procedures PL / SQL can send status updates to a Twitter account. Apart from the funny thing it may be, can be a very effective method to warn us or our users of any event occurring in the database.

Twitter can easily convert an additional warning system for when we have problems in our Oracle database, or you simply want to learn or inform others automatically upon completion of certain processes, such as Enterprise Data Warehouse charges .

Twitteando desde un procedure de Oracle PL/SQL

Remember that Twitter accounts can be configured to be open to any user, or can be secured so that only users to access Twitter to be granted permission to 'follow'.

You can find the code and a detailed explanation on how to create a package for Twittering from PL / SQL in the Database Geek Blog , and updated source code in ORA_Tweet project has created the same Lewis Cunningham on Sourceforge.

Installation of SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008


Installation of SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008I just finished an installation of SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express, and I had a few laps for a couple of points of the system that are not too intuitive. With this entry I hope to facilitate the job who is in the same situation later.
To begin with I thought that Management Studio already installed with the BD, and it does not. First you install the SQL Server engine, and then downloaded another package to install SQL Server Management Studio.
Installing SQL Server Express will not comment because I came up no problem worthy of note, and is well explained in many other places. I connect the Microsoft download page where the installation packages of SQL Server 2008 Express.


After installing the BD, download the installation package of SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express, also available at the Microsoft website...


Four questions to identify a developer with no knowledge of database


I leave here this link to a page where a small test posed to do in job interviews for database developers. Here this kind of test I do not think the style is much in a job interview, but more than one entry into the development department should evaluate its knowledge with a similar test. More than anything to avoid cracks, maximum connections, table layouts if primary keys, etc...


On Tuesday we celebrated another successful BI Beers


On Tuesday we celebrated another successful BI BeersOn Tuesday we had the promised post-holiday BI Beers and, as on previous occasions, in a relaxed atmosphere, left very interesting topics of conversation.

On this occasion we could not overcome the previous record, but 10 people attended, which is not bad. Again many of those who attended the last, which means that like it. In the usual were Xavier y Mara, Enric, Pau, David, Juanjo, and Jorge Fernández,who was finally able to re-animate combined event. The new additions were Antonio Valle, of Gobierno TIC and Jordi Rodriguez, which I also repeated in the next. We failed to Fabian Isabel, who had promised to come to ask about BI...


SSIS: Workaround to two errors for no apparent reason when we insert data in MySql


SSIS: Workaround to two errors for no apparent reason when we insert data in MySqlFor whatever reason we may have to develop a Microsoft Integration Services package we move data from any source to a table that is in a MySQL database.

The first aim will do so through an ADO.NET Destination and MySQL provider for the connection. If we do well to insert the data directly, to create the target, select the connection and then select the table appears an error like the following check everything with the preview or try and do the assignments...




Dataprix laboratories inaugurate an online demo of Pentaho


Dataprix laboratories inaugurate an online demo of Pentaho

Dataprix We have created a space in which we call Lab, accessible from the domain, where we operate online experiments and demonstrations of products.

Start the experiment, in beta, allowing online access to the virtual image and Mariano Dario Pentaho, eglue Group. Try it and you will tell us how this performs. We hope in future to be updated version of Pentaho and go to expand the data, reports and dashboards available, but what there is now enough to prove how this Open Source BI server. And if someone wants to tweak more simply download the virtual image, with all pre-configured development environment.







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