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Pentaho Solutions: Reviews



I finally finished reading the book Pentaho Solutions, who kindly have sent me Roland Bouman (co-author of the book) and Wiley.

On that occasion will realize different reviews from different points of view, as I did with Pentaho Reporting. Here are the reviews:


1) Overview :  It is a very easy book to read and handled very well the theoretical and practical.

As the concepts are giving more complex and heavy, is always accompanied with an example, graphic or exercise.

This book is really very useful and indispensable reading both for those who are just beginning to work with Pentaho, and for that we have some time.



Pentaho 2.0: Virtual Image


From Grupo eGlu, Dario Bernabeu and Mariano García Mattío, we have created a virtual machine (vmware) that contains a fully functional BI solution.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 8.10
  • BI Platform: Pentaho 2.0

This demo also has the following modules:

  • Pentaho Data Integration: Through this tool we have designed the transformations and jobs that extract, transform and load the data to populate the Data Warehouse. (Select option 'No catalog')
  • Mondrian Workbench: Through this tool we have created multidimensional schemes.
  • Pentaho Metadata Editor: Through this tool we've created the Business Model.
  • Design Studio: Through this tool we have developed the xactions.
  • Pentaho Report Design: Through this tool we have created an ad hoc report that requests input parameters.

These modules can be accessed through the taskbar side:

Slowly Changing Dimensions


Slowly changing dimensions or SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) are dimensions in which their data tend to change over time, either occasional or constant, or involving a single record or the entire table. When these changes occur, you can opt to follow one of these two great options:

@ User Manual in Spanish Spoon


I have just completed the update of User Manual in Spanish Spoon @  (See manual..)

The manual has been prepared in full, based on the translation I have been provided by Leonardo M. Tito and Felipe Mullicundo:

The Time Dimension structure and Loading Procedure for MySQL


This post is based on this one of il-masacratore:Time: Dimension structure and loading script for SQLServer. 

As il-masacratore says usually there are a number of dimensions that are common to all DW. The Time dimension is one of them. 

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