How to disable autocommit option in SQL Server Management Studio

Have you ever wondered how to disable the autocommit option in Sql Server Management Studio?

The answer is quick. Simply uncheck the option SET IMPLICIT_TRASLATIONS. To do it follow next path from the menu:

Tools> Options> Execution of the query> SQL Server> ANSI, then Uncheck Option SET IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS.



It seems rather simple but is a common doubt when you start using SQL Server Management Studio. By sharing this tip I hope to save time to someone that wants to disable the autocommit option in SQL Management Studio.


I have been wondering how to

I have been wondering how to disable autocommit in Sql dedicated server Management Studio for awhile now. I didn't realize that it was so simple to do. Thanks for providing the directions on how to do this. I've spent hours at a time trying to figure this out. I was definitely making it a lot harder than it was!