"FilterTwoListComponent" for Pentaho CDF


on this occasion I presented from group eGluBI/OpenBits a feature called "FilterTwoListComponent" for Pentaho CDF. 

Transcribe some of the documentation:
Implements a list that AutoPage and lets you select items and pass them to a second destination list. The main features are:
  • Information management by cache
  • Sequential and direct travel between the pages.
  • Global filter
  • Filter per page



Soon be part of CDF without adding in the template:
<script type="text/javascript" src="GetCDFResource?resource=/system/pentaho-cdf/eglubi/FilterTwoListComponent.js"> </ script>
Attached file
which must be unpacked [pentaho-soluctions] provides a solution demo and documentation.
Also the file
to be decompressed
[Pentaho-soluctions] / system / pentaho-cdf
Remember to refresh the repository before testing.
I would appreciate comments and bug reports.



Mariano García Mattío


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