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Aggregate Tables Management with Mondrian


Interesting tutorial about Aggregate Table Management with Mondrian (Pentaho)


Learning NoSQL


The emergence of twitter, facebook, Groupon, amazon, etc ... is becoming increasingly popular new forms of large data storage and fast access to them. The terms NoSQL , Big Data , Hadoop ... are rapidly becoming popular.

Not long ago we talked about it:


- Comparison of NoSQL Databases ( Cassandra , MongoDB , CouchDB , Redis , Riak and HBase ) 
- Infographics, the potential for big data . 
- Pentaho also is accelerating much its integration with Big Data.


Today we give you some more detailed presentations, where we can research:  

Top ten BI stories from Information Management


Top ten BI stories from Information ManagementTop 10 stories from Information Management:

  • “Best in BI? Ask the Crowd” by Jim Ericson

  • “Pros and Cons of Using a Vendor Provided Analytical Data Model in Your BI Implementation” by Boris Evelson

  • “BI, Analytics and Statistical Science” by Steve Miller ... 

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