Learning NoSQL

The emergence of twitter, facebook, Groupon, amazon, etc ... is becoming increasingly popular new forms of large data storage and fast access to them. The terms NoSQL , Big Data , Hadoop ... are rapidly becoming popular.

Not long ago we talked about it:


- Comparison of NoSQL Databases ( Cassandra , MongoDB , CouchDB , Redis , Riak and HBase ) 
- Infographics, the potential for big data . 
- Pentaho also is accelerating much its integration with Big Data.


Today we give you some more detailed presentations, where we can research:  












More information:



NoSQL is more of a movement

NoSQL is more of a movement than a specific technology. The common thread is that SQL databases have proven to be inadequate or overly complex, and is therefore rejected. Like the Tea Party movement in politics, some people are there to rant, while others have more substantial agendas.