Presentations from the Openbravo World Conference

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We have available the presentations from the Openbravo World Conference 2009, to which I was able to attend. All have been published in the agenda of the event's website.

He rescued the more I find interesting in my point of Viata 'dataprixero':

The Impact of Open Source in a Down Economy: Richard Daley 

Pentaho CEO presentation in which, of course, talking about Open Source, benefits, trends, regarding the SaaS applications. I missing something more specific on how they could integrate Pentaho to Openbravo.


Keynote Speech: The Impact of Open Source in a Down Economy - Richard Daley



Third Party Integration with Openbravo

Openbravo in the Ecosystem: Integrate it into the Information System: 
Talend: Sandra Massé, Channel Manager EMEA

This presentation shows how to use one as Talend Open Source ETL to integrate Openbravo with other systems, especially with the Corporate Data Warehouse. 

How to Interact with the JasperForge Community:
Jaspersoft: Tim Cloonan, Director of Marketing

This presentation teaches something about JasperReports, the reporting engine of ERP, and Community, Community JasperForge

How to Interact with the JasperForge Community - Jaspersoft - Tim Cloonan



Product Roadmap:
What's in Store for Openbravo?: Paolo Juvara

In this we see the roadmap of the product, where they go and what new Openbravo functionalities and integrations are planned for future versions.

Product Roadmap: What's in Store for Openbravo? - Paolo Juvara



The Community Imperative: Matt Asay

Aquí Matt Asay comenta también la evolución y ventajas del Open source, y los beneficios que se pueden obtener participando en comunidades de software libre, o promocionándolas.

Exploiting BPM + ERP Implementation Opportunities:
Colosa's ProcessMaker: Brian Reale, Chief Executive Officer

This is a demo video of how ProcessMaker, the product BPM (Business Process Management) from Colossus, integrates seamlessly with Openbravo and the added value that this integration brings.