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Introduction to Open Data, Linked Data, data and resource catalogs

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Mapa de catálogos de datos Open Data en EspañaOpen Data is a movement that is meant to make easily accessible to citizens and businesses that collect public government data.

Open Data is supported by the W3C and other international bodies, and gradually adds up initiatives in different countries. The first step is the initiative of a public body, was made publicly available certain information in one or more standard formats easily 'treatable'. Since there may be other agencies or businesses that add value to that data across or enriching them with other data sources, or developing applications that allow user to see that data in a friendly environment.


Business Intelligence Forum 2010

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On Wednesday May 12 celebrated the 10th Forum of Business Intelligence, which has been Dataprix Media Partner and I had the opportunity to attend.

The event was quite interesting, and it was a good opportunity to learn first-hand opinions and impressions of deployments responsible for business intelligence projects.

I find it very appropriate that most of the interventions were responsible for the area of IT or business data warehouse, as the vision and how to communicate to the person who runs a project internally is often the most realistic and that can best explain the needs, problems and what actually can be considered at the level of business success or failure of a technology project.


Informatica 9, a complete data integration platform

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In the market for a Data Integration is a leading manufacturer Informatica. This company is the first independent provider of data integration software. His best-known tool and the heart of his platform is Informatica PowerCenter, which has gone through many versions, and is a reference in the world of integration.

But apart from PowerCenter, Informatica also has other tools that focus on more specific purposes, while that are integrated into the platform, and always in the context of Data Integration.

The error ORA-30926 as a result of a Merge

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ORA-30926 error usually occurs when performing merge operations, and typically we leave something descolocados as the description of it does not give too much information about what is happening: 
ORA-30926: unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables.

Normally this error occurs when the merge operation to target a row to be updated on it more than one row in the table source. As the engine does not know what to choose register returns an error. It is a problem of duplication in the origin table.


  • We have: 
    TABLA_ORIGEN with the values 
    ID Description 
    1 'The first value' 
    1 'The value with duplicate id' 
    2 'Another value'

Searching for user passwords in Oracle

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For obvious security reasons we can not see clear the password of the users of the database, but as an administrator user SYSTEM does have privileges to view the encrypted password:

SQL> select password from dba_users where username='SCOTT';

The usefulness of this is that as we return the SELECT can be used in a sentence of password change; 

SQL> alter user scott identified by values 'F894844C34402B67';

GRANTS WITH GRANT OPTION: The transitive property granting privileges

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Grant command is used to grant to user's databases generic privileges or permissions over objects.

It's syntax is: 
GRANT [system_privileges | roles] 
TO [user | role | PUBLIC] {WITH GRANT OPTION} 

to grant generic privileges

Build scripts with the help of the dictionary

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It is quite common when working with databases that often have to perform any job creation or alteration of structures, analysis, compilation, etc. objects on the database. This tends to create a DDL script with a number of judgments, which in most cases the only thing that changes is the name of the object to be treated. 
You can save a lot of work using the dictionary of the database to dynamically build these judgments.

As an example will create a new field to store the date of creation of records in all tables in a schema of an Oracle database. To do so would use the following statement:


The result would be something like this:

ETL Tools

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In electronic publishing MCData.ti can be found a fairly complete classification of different tools related to business intelligence and data management. This is the description that makes tools for ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load).

Company: Cognos Product DecisionStream

Tools for reporting and analysis of corporate performance

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In electronic publishing MCData.ti can be found a fairly complete classification of different tools related to business intelligence and data management. 
This is the description that makes the tools of reporting and data analysis.

Company: Altitude Software 
Product: UCI 2000 Plus 
Description: Suite of analytical solutions for managing interactions with customers in a personalized way. Thus, the agent can communicate with customers via telephone, email, Web or through traditional point of sale or fax.

Create Oracle database on Windows

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At the site published online manual Install Oracle 9i on Windows, explaining step by step with screenshots how to install an Oracle 9i database on windows, how to solve some of the typical mistakes that often occur during installation, how to lift the listener, check the database, and one more thing ..

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