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Review "Learning Hadoop "

Learning Hadoop 2 book
With almost 350 pages, 'Learning Hadoop 2', I was very pleasantly surprised!
This is a book that chapter by chapter, provides a guide with the appropriate depth in the apprenticeship of this technology, which is today one of the most flourishing. It has a lot of examples that we can execute and analyze..

BI USABILITY: evolution and tendencies

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Usabilidad en Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence has an origin and evolution that should be looked at in order to introduce the concept that will be the subject of this article: “BI Usability”.

One of the principal goals of BI is that users find the information they need to make decisions in due time and proper form. The form includes the format in which the information is presented and the level of interaction expected to obtain the desired result. The previous points make up the term “BI Usability”..

Slowly Changing Dimensions


Slowly changing dimensions or SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) are dimensions in which their data tend to change over time, either occasional or constant, or involving a single record or the entire table. When these changes occur, you can opt to follow one of these two great options:

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