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Business Intelligence Forum 2010

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On Wednesday May 12 celebrated the 10th Forum of Business Intelligence, which has been Dataprix Media Partner and I had the opportunity to attend.

The event was quite interesting, and it was a good opportunity to learn first-hand opinions and impressions of deployments responsible for business intelligence projects.

I find it very appropriate that most of the interventions were responsible for the area of IT or business data warehouse, as the vision and how to communicate to the person who runs a project internally is often the most realistic and that can best explain the needs, problems and what actually can be considered at the level of business success or failure of a technology project.


LifeDashBoard 4 Team Prelytis SaaS solution, you can use without paying for their use.


Prelytis, the company recently surprised us by being the frist to adapt its Business Intelligence solution (or Dashboarding, more specifically) to Apple's iPad, also excels in the world of SaaS solutions with its proposal LifeDashBoard 4 Team, which is not is nothing but the cloud version of its software LifeDashBoard Dashboards.

It has the usual characteristics of SaaS software, and soon afte a user register and upload data from an Excel spreadsheet, for example, may have created an attractive dashboard. Collaborative options available, and also takes advantage of the features of mobile devices like the iPhone or IPAD.

But what makes this more special is that it's SaaS solution, but can be used without paying for its use, and without limitation in the number of users. A strong commitment by Prelytis, which seems to be really willing to put a dent in the world based BI innovative proposals.



Spectacular graphics that meets the key figures for Google


Spectacular graphics that meets the key figures for Google


To get an idea of the volume of business that moves Google infografia nothing better than that prepared in pingdom, which collected on the same graph one timeline with key milestones of the company, impressive numbers on the form, increase in revenues , figures on company employees, and the most significant data on other successful products such as Android, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, Chrome, Orkut or Analytics.

A good source of inspiration for anyone eager to create a scorecard where we could see these evolve dynamically as so well chosen indicators.

Surely more than one person has clicked on an indicator in the chart to see if anything more;)..

QlikView, simplifying the analysis for all

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At last a powerful tool and of easy utilization for the construction of control panels and the navigation of the data.

QlikView provides an analysis business express train, powerful, highly interactive and resident in memory, without the limitations, the price or the complexity of the BI traditional tools. QlikView unfolds in days and the users are formed in minutes.

This says the presentation in the web page of the I produce, we enter now but in detail speaking of its characteristics.

Qlikview is a tool with the one that itself of easy form to approach the data gives a DB relational and to sail them of natural form.

Qlikview can be connected with the but different origins of data: from DB Access to connections ODBC toward qualquier origin, from file Excel to card indexes of text.

The load of the data passes through a script of load that utilizza a lenguage very seemed to the SQL, portanto of facil comprehension. Once the data you have been loaded they are able, or not, to store in a card index of format Qlikview (card index QVD). Or to be utilized directly in the same control panel.

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