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BI USABILITY: evolution and tendencies

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Usabilidad en Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence has an origin and evolution that should be looked at in order to introduce the concept that will be the subject of this article: “BI Usability”.

One of the principal goals of BI is that users find the information they need to make decisions in due time and proper form. The form includes the format in which the information is presented and the level of interaction expected to obtain the desired result. The previous points make up the term “BI Usability”..

What's New in IBM Cognos 10 in the IBM Cognos Performance 2010

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IBM cognos 2010This week I attended the IBM Cognos Performance 2010 in Barcelona with the main objective to know more about the new features of IBM Cognos 10, the new version of this suite of Business Intelligence.

The event had as main thread presenting this new version of IBM Cognos, but also included broader sessions, with topics such as corporate performance management, analysis, 'What-if' and other arrangements under financial, Business Insight and predictive analytics, and case studies.

After the initial presentation, two meetings were progressing in parallel, one oriented to technology and other business. There was a choice and I really would have liked to attend a further meeting. Specifically, I would have liked to be also in the 'What's new in IBM Cognos BI Authoring' and the SPSS Predictive Analytics..


Introduction to IBM Cognos BI, Business Intelligence suite of IBM

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Introduction to IBM Cognos BI, Business Intelligence suite of IBMIBM Cognos 8 BI suite is one of the most widely used business intelligence. Software is a fairly comprehensive, yet manageable, and one of the BI market leaders.

The main applications are used from a web portal that controls the Business Intelligence Server, which is the heart of the tool.

This portal is called Cognos Connection and from the same, provided by web, you can access environmental management options and services to the different applications that provides Cognos, the folder structure that organizes the reports, to dashboards, and other accessories that can be integrated in the portal.

Each application is designed to cover a type of needs that often occur in such environments. Most handles 100% from the web browser, both to develop and design reports, events and metrics to consult or analysis tasks...


Business Intelligence Forum 2010

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On Wednesday May 12 celebrated the 10th Forum of Business Intelligence, which has been Dataprix Media Partner and I had the opportunity to attend.

The event was quite interesting, and it was a good opportunity to learn first-hand opinions and impressions of deployments responsible for business intelligence projects.

I find it very appropriate that most of the interventions were responsible for the area of IT or business data warehouse, as the vision and how to communicate to the person who runs a project internally is often the most realistic and that can best explain the needs, problems and what actually can be considered at the level of business success or failure of a technology project.


Data Warehouse Architecture: data areas of our Corporate Data Warehouse

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Areas de datos para la carga de un Data WarehouseWhen designing the architecture of a data warehouse system we have to raise different environments for which data must pass en route to its Data mart or target cube. Given the amount of changes that have to do, and normally the DWH, besides fulfilling its function of support analytical
requirements, performs a data integration function that will form the Corporate store and they will have to be also consulted the traditional way by the operational systems, it is recommended to create different data areas in the path between source systems and OLAP tools.

Each of these areas as characterized by the functions performed, how data is organized in the same, and what type of need can service. The area that is 'at the end of the road' is important, but it will not be the only store data that will exploit the reporting tools...

The suites of Oracle Business Intelligence

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Cuadros de mando de Oracle AnswersOracle, in addition to their famous manager database has a large catalog of software products, many developed internally and acquired through the purchase of other companies.  Within the environment of business intelligence that fact is even more remarkable as just more of Oracle's recent acquisitions were purchases of BI software vendors.
The result is that although each tool has some features and a more appropriate market, there are many overlaps, and costs a little lie when choosing what software or set of tools we could use for our business intelligence project...

Pervasive Business Intelligence Report

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Pervasive Business Intelligence could be translated as Omnipresent Business Intelligence, at least at the enterprise level. This is to make the BI system to reach all levels of the organization, at the right time, and the information needed for each. You can even include integration with other systems operating normally, and also provide interaction capabilities, not just access to information.

TDWI have done a study on the extent of introduction of the BI tools in business. Used as a basis a survey of over 700 people involved in BI projects and in-depth interviews with over 20 vendors and professional world of BI.

The results of this study is the report Pervasive Business Intelligence, Techniques and Technologies to Deploy BI on an Enterprise Scale, which way to summarize what I find most relevant:

Poll Results  

Adoption of BI tools and level of use

  • Adoption based on roles

Others who lead the adoption of both ratios (allocation of licenses) and use of BI tools are the business analysts, followed by managers and executives.

Update of methodology Hefesto

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The BI-DWH world can now enjoy a new version of the methodology Hefesto to build a Data Warehouse. Engineer Ricardo Dario Bernabeu has completed version 1.0, which replaces the original 0.1, published in our manual section, which we discussed in another article. 


We have updated the online manual for Dataprix with the methodology, but for those who prefer download the attached document in pdf format which has published Dario.

As always, I encourage anyone who wants to make any improvement or suggestion, surely the author of the work is appreciated.

New demo online of Pentaho BI

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Pentaho Has prepared with the version 1.7.1 A new demo online with some reports of proof for the one who want to explore interactivamente some of the analytical possibilities and of reporting of the suite.
The reports are prepared on the sample data of the fictitious company Steel Wheels, already used by Pentaho for another demos.

They have created a folder for each type of report:

  • Pentaho Dashboards Contains a picture of interactive control integrated with Google Maps, and another with a top ten customers ordered by territory and product line

Cuadro de mando interactivo integrado con GoogleMaps

Pentaho Top Ten de clientes por territorio y linea de producto



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Using ROLAP (Relational Online Analytical Processing) or MOLAP (Multidimensional OnLine Analytical Processing) is something to be raised at the stage of physical design and affects how the tool of exploitation of the Data Warehouse 'attack' to the data .

If ROLAP, the attack tool to exploit the information directly to the stars that have been created in the relational DBMS chosen.

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