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Do we give the importance they deserve to Data Quality Processes?

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Perfilado de datos. Estadísticas y distribuciones de datosAmong the Data Management activities that organizations performs the processes that monitor and ensure data quality are becoming critical. The volume of information is constantly growing in organizations. Having a reliable data storage is essential for a correct analysis and explotation of these data, avoiding inconsistencies, misleadings and facilitating the development of future systems based on master data consistent, cleansed, enriched and reliable.

Informatica 9, a complete data integration platform

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In the market for a Data Integration is a leading manufacturer Informatica. This company is the first independent provider of data integration software. His best-known tool and the heart of his platform is Informatica PowerCenter, which has gone through many versions, and is a reference in the world of integration.

But apart from PowerCenter, Informatica also has other tools that focus on more specific purposes, while that are integrated into the platform, and always in the context of Data Integration. a project of Data Cleansing services

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It does already enough time I presented me the possibility to start a project to offer cleaning services of data online. If we speak in terms of what plows he is heard more, we would be able to interpret it as a new meaning of the acronyms DAAS: Datacleansing Ace TO Service.

At that time I chose the name of, among others things because the control was free. I registered it to my name and I did an approximation to a plan of business. Until I began to prepare a web where wanted to create a first simple version of the idea. This prototype remained in practically a simple structure, but I think that can serve to illustrate the intention that had.

As in the end me did not I decide to give the great step and to develop the project, and is a grief that the effort that dedicated to do the approach remain in a document of my portable one, I have determined to share the plan of business, enclosed in this post. I swallowed I have placed online the prototype web that began. Notice that is just as I left it, functions almost nothing.



Datacleansing with Power * MatchMaker

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Power MatchMaker is a Data Cleansing tool that has freed SQLPower becoming licensed in Open Source, along with the Power Architect (Data Modeling Tool). As there is not that too many Open Source tools in the field of data cleansing, I have been curious and I've installed to see this work. The installation was very simple, the software is downloaded from Download Power MatchMaker in different versions depending on the OS. I have tried the windows, which is installed in a coup button 2 minutes. Important not to forget the order of the Java Runtime 5. Once installed, to see how it is best to follow the tutorial that it is in aid of the tool. I also recommend seeing the demo available from the same 

What is the data cleansing

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In the article of the attachment the authors make a fairly complete statement on what the data cleansing, and cleaning of data, the main ways we usually deal with, and what techniques used by major commercial companies that offer this service. (Well, those that are offered in 2000, but the major techniques have not changed much since then).



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