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Business Intelligence Forum 2010

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On Wednesday May 12 celebrated the 10th Forum of Business Intelligence, which has been Dataprix Media Partner and I had the opportunity to attend.

The event was quite interesting, and it was a good opportunity to learn first-hand opinions and impressions of deployments responsible for business intelligence projects.

I find it very appropriate that most of the interventions were responsible for the area of IT or business data warehouse, as the vision and how to communicate to the person who runs a project internally is often the most realistic and that can best explain the needs, problems and what actually can be considered at the level of business success or failure of a technology project.


Data profiling with SQL Server 2008

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One of the many improvements brought about SQL Server 2008 at the ETL with Integration Services is their ability to perform data profiling with its new Data Profile Task.

The data profiling is one of the first tasks typically addressed in Data Quality processes, and involves an initial analysis of the source data, usually on tables, with the goal of beginning to know their structure, format and level of quality. Inquiries are made at the table level, column, relationships between columns, and even relationships between tables.

The SSIS Data Profile Task works by selecting a table in a SQLServer 2000 database or above (no use on other databases) the profiling options you want to perform on the data in the table, and an XML file for saving the result. It's really simple.

You can select up to 8 types of profiling, 5 for column level and 3 several columns level analysis.

Column level profile

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