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Data Science - Dynamic analysis on outliers with R



The outliers, or extreme values, are a usual topic when analyzing data, regardless its data source. Here I present a didactic and visual approach on treating with them. R code is available to download.

Geo Data Science with R


Gap between healthy expectancyLiving longer, living better? 

Following analysis is made with R and the Google Vis library for plotting the interactive maps. 
It's equally important to measure the longer living as well as its quality..

The CRISP-DM Data Mining model

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In the post in our forum CRISP-DM to Spanish Translation Daniel Alejandro attached a document with a Castilian translation of the CRISP-DM methodology for developing data mining models.


The content of that seems so interesting to the community that we publish in the form of a manual online to make it more accessible to all members.Can be found by following the link Methodology CRISP-DM 1.0


Also enclose the original document in English from which Daniel has done the translation.


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