Getting keywords related to a topic, SEO and Adwords

One of the most important tasks of the work of any professional undertaking the task of SEM or SEO is choosing the keywords on which will be based positioning strategy, and to perform well this task is best to have tools that have detailed information on results of both organic and sponsored search, to help us find keywords with which we can get the best results for our goals, both traffic generation and conversion into leads or sales, for example.

One of the best SEO tools to find the best keywords for our business is SEMrush . In this video tutorial we will see how to get new keywords for both organic positioning as adwords, based on a theme or keyword initial.

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In this example we imagine that we are a consulting service business intelligence with QlikView BI software and obviously we want to find out what the most appropriate keywords, subject and competitive opportunities for our domain, to position ourselves in search results as experts in QlikView.

To not change habits, enter in the search box SEMrush keyword QlikView, and click the search button.

The data we collect we report Phrase match in which we get the best positioned in our local search phrases that include the word QlikView, so we know what words are usually looking for QlikView. If we have a chance to position ourselves with some of those keywords, especially if the report we see that they have a good search volume and low competition, we've found some good keywords for our SEO positioning strategy.

The other report that is sure going to give us good ideas for keywords related to QlikView is the 'Report related keywords',which returns related keywords used in searches, but not necessarily contain the word QlikView. This report further keywords are obtained, and usually find enough 'gems' to help position that would otherwise not have occurred to us, or simply not have thought they might have a good level search, little competition or better Moreover, both. That are the data, and SEO tools. As the report of related keywords is often return many results, sometimes thousands of keywords, in this case is especially useful option to export the report to Excel or csv to analyze traffic indicators, competition or CPC and make the final selection from another tool.

As for the SEM, the easiest way to get new ideas of good keywords to Adwords campaigns is available on the general report on the topic of interest, in this case QlikView in some information about advertising, which domains are announcing that keyword and just click on one of these domains, domain launch the report for that URL. In the resulting report, in the TOP KEYWORDS section of Part advertising, accessing the full report, a list of keywords for that domain is being advertised in Adwords is obtained.

With only export this list already have at our disposal the keywords that the domain of our competition is using Adwords. Surely many will be perfect for our campaigns in Google ad platform because they are our theme, and have been studied and optimized by our competitors;)

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