Analysis of competitors for SEO and Adwords

In this video tutorial we show how to find out SEMrush, and within minutes, the keywords that a domain of our competitors have positioned both organic Google searches and adwords campaigns.  



For example, imagine that we are a manufacturer of business intelligence software, and we want to find out what keywords you are taking visits to one of our competitors, and what keywords have chosen to advertise on Adwords. The competitor chosen for the example is Qlik, the manufacturer QlikView BI software and its domain is
Introducing the domain name in the text box SEMrush finder, and pressing the 'Search' the report runs by SEMrush domain, which shows a dashboard with lots of interesting information.
Inside the box TOP KEYWORDS in some information about organic searches with just a click over the button 'View Full Report', access the full list of keywords that any domain page is indexed in 20 top positions of search engine Google in Spain.
The list, apart from giving keywords, provides useful information to decide whether we can or should use these keywords to try to position alongside or above our competition in the search.
We can know the search volume of each word, the estimated traffic percentage that the word is carrying this domain, the CPC and one of the most important indicators to decide whether we are likely to rank for that keyword, an indicator of competence in a range of 0-1.
With regard to the words of Adwords, you only have to go to some information about adverts and also on the part of TOP KEYWORDS, click 'View Full Report' to access the list of keywords that our competitors have positioned sponsored in part finder searches, so we will be accessing a list of probably well chosen words, with assessment of CPC included, and are leading potential customers to our competitors from sponsored search results.
Surely we will be very interested to include some of these strategic words in our adwords campaigns, especially if our competition is doing well in terms of word choice for SEM. There really are few methods to get keywords for ads so successful so quickly.