HP makes a formal complaint to Oracle for Itanium case

In mid March of this year, Oracle announced that will stop developing products for Itanium processor platforms. Noted that other manufacturers were already doing it (Red Hat and Microsoft), and referenced conversations with Intel to justify its decision.

Oracle Stops All Software Development For Intel Itanium Microprocessor


Since that time, HP tried that Oracle continued supporting its products with Itanium, gradually raising the charges to Oracle until the last day-June 15 HP sued Oracle.



Although we will never know the whole truth, there are different versions in the sector, perhaps the most talked about is suggesting that the discontinuation is due that Oracle wants to disadvantage HP servers (Integrity range = HP-UX + Itanium processor) in order to compete with its decreasingly sold SUN platform (now the third position on UNIX platforms).That is, encourage its Unix, removing from the market or leaving at a distinct disadvantage to its competitor HP with HP-UX.

HP's vice president said "Oracle shows a pattern of behavior contrary to the interests of customers in an attempt to shore up its server business failed"


Others indicate that HP knew in advance that Intel would do away with Itanium there, that 6 months before Oracle gave the news, negociated with Oracle the continuity of "long term" support of Oracle products on Itanium . And because the Integrity products still sell well, was commissioned to give signals to the market and its customers, the falsity of these rumors.


HP knew All About Itanium End-of-Life Plans Before Oracle Found Out


Internet surveys points that Oracle simply wants to benefit its new hardware platform after the purchase of SUN.

Theis can be considered the second great battle between HP and Oracle after the signing of Mark Hurd after his dismissal by HP as CEO. Larry Elison immediately made him co-president of Oracle.

Without wanting to agree with either, it's a shame that companies with such good products have this dirty war, when probably, as in the past, a collaboration between the two would be most beneficial for customers.

Customers with HP-Integrity platforms and Oracle (there are and there are a lot...I don't say names) are the big losers.


Oscar Paredes - oscar.paredes@dataprix.com