Do your BI platform support the data source you want to analyze?

Although the latest versions of most BI platforms support a wide range of data sources, this is a common question which involved the version of your BI tool, the version of the database file format or ERP that acts as a data source and the operating system.


In the case of SAS can solve these questions by referring to the SAS / ACCESS Validation Matrix, selecting the version of SAS, the database, the operating system and you have the answer.

SQL08: Synchronization Database Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 on SQL Server 2008

For those database administrators who have to deal with such a Dynamics Ax 2009 and his henchmen (developers, consultants, etc. )  I leave here a couple of things you should know (or I should say) when we join ax2009 and sql server 2008. Sometimes you can point to the database as a source of the problem but not always. Some requirements to consider for installing Ax2009 are that the user you want access to the system should be user and DOMAIN in sql server role must be a member of securityadmin dbcreator and to create the new database from Ax installer. Once installed (or during the installation process) the problem with the database that we can find include: