Democratization of Business Intelligence


Some information systems have exceeded the boundaries of the department and his knowledge has spread to all areas of the company. As the technologies are becoming easier to use and accessible for all business casuistry, his knowledge extends and extends beyond the field of "understood" by the experts, to be known by every company profiles. Concepts such as CRM, ERP, etc., Not long ago in companies known only to the department and the department involved (Marketing and Sales for CRM, ERP Operations, Human Resources for the intranet, etc.).. Concepts today are managed and understood by anyone in the business world.

As for Business Intelligence, I believe that unfortunately is still preserve of experts and technologists. Today it is very common to find a business decision makers are unclear about the functions, spheres of influence, potential and business benefits of a Business Intelligence system. The BI is still known by a few, there has been democratized, it has jumped the hurdles of technology to be part of each and every one of the departments of companies. In my opinion there are several reasons for this.

LifeDashBoard 4 Team Prelytis SaaS solution, you can use without paying for their use.

Prelytis, the company recently surprised us by being the frist to adapt its Business Intelligence solution (or Dashboarding, more specifically) to Apple's iPad, also excels in the world of SaaS solutions with its proposal LifeDashBoard 4 Team, which is not is nothing but the cloud version of its software LifeDashBoard Dashboards.

It has the usual characteristics of SaaS software, and soon afte a user register and upload data from an Excel spreadsheet, for example, may have created an attractive dashboard. Collaborative options available, and also takes advantage of the features of mobile devices like the iPhone or IPAD.

But what makes this more special is that it's SaaS solution, but can be used without paying for its use, and without limitation in the number of users. A strong commitment by Prelytis, which seems to be really willing to put a dent in the world based BI innovative proposals.



Information is the power, Business Intelligence on Corporate Governance


"The goal of Business Intelligence is to provide the information they need, when you need it and in a form appropriate to people who have to make decisions."

The aim of this paper is to support the Business Intelligence or BI should be, of all business software tools (including CRM, ERP, or BI himself), that is closest to the role of management, specifically the Executive Officer.

Since the computer revolution and the explosion of Internet, information is becoming more and more importance. Everything is or will soon be digitized, the amount of information available each year is multiplied and the activity of our business is computerized in most respects.

Studies tell us that the information maintained by companies is doubling every two years and that 80% of decisions are made with only 10% of the available information.

And all of this information is power! Is necessary, vital, to compete.