Use SEMrush to win the battle to your competitors


Herramienta Semrush para análisis SEM y SEO


SEMrush is one of the best tools of SEM and SEO for marketing online professionals.

If you are a professional of online marketing, either offering services of SEM and SEO positioning to third parties, or belong to the marketing department of a company that invests in Adwords, I am convinced that after trying it you can't stop using it..


How to get a list of keywords to optimize your website SEO positioning

I want to improve the positioning of the web of my business, but why where do I start?

One of the most effective SEO actions is to find keywords that are already positioned, and lead to pages on our site that we have not optimized for these keywords. With just a little SEO onpage optimization for these words, and optionally some actionoffpage SEO, and get some more quality incoming links. These secure pages go up positions in search engines, and will bring many more visitors to our site.

SEMrush makes us easy to get this list of keywords positioned we are going to bring a lot of traffic with little effort.

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How to do competitive analysis and find the best keywords


Search keywords

Let's see how SEMrush, one of the tools SEO indispensable, can help us improve our SEO positioning allowing us to track the keywords which we are working and which are not and, more importantly, find out if those words are running our competition and whether they are highly sought words. So, with this competition analysis, we evaluate by what keywords we bet on our strategy of organic positioning, which is better rule, and how we should adapt our publications and organize your linking strategy, internal and external, to improve Any word positioning on search engines.