Spanish Retailer NECK & NECK Improves Customer Relationships, Increases Sales with IBM Predictive Analytics

IBM today announced that NECK & NECK, a children's clothing retailer in nine European countries with more than 200 stores, is using IBM predictive analytics software to maximize customer relationships and improve the overall business. Using IBM predictive analytics, NECK & NECK has effectively targeted sales promotions, improving campaign response rates by more than 25 percent and increasing the average amount of consumer purchases by 15 percent in one year.

In April 2010, retail sales continued to show signs of improvement since early 2008, but at a more sluggish pace than in recent months. In a still uncertain economy, retailers today need to spot trends early and proactively reach customers, rather than react to demand. IBM predictive analytics gives retailers real foresight about customer trends and deeper customer understanding and increases the overall lifetime client value.

Always exploit the possibilities of Business Intelligence tools?


Sometimes we have found that a customer had made a large investment in software licenses Business Intelligence, and then used only a small part of what is acquired.

The most common case is to be acquired BI software and is only used to make reporting operational, rather than use the analytical possibilities of the product. Or that instead of creating new reports are designed to exploit the possibilities offered by a suite of BI, is requested or make only a migration of existing reports on an old platform reporting.


The problem is that usually occurs after having invested heavily can be a feeling that has not improved much and cause some dissatisfaction with the software.

Sometimes it also happens that licenses are being purchased, but after booting the project will not resort to external specialized consulting services, although the staff of the IT department does not have enough experience to implement a BI system.

You agree with us? Someone has been found in similar situations? I think there may be other causes?



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