How to Twitter from a procedure in Oracle PL / SQL

API Calling Twitter from stored procedures PL / SQL can send status updates to a Twitter account. Apart from the funny thing it may be, can be a very effective method to warn us or our users of any event occurring in the database.

Twitter can easily convert an additional warning system for when we have problems in our Oracle database, or you simply want to learn or inform others automatically upon completion of certain processes, such as Enterprise Data Warehouse charges .

Twitteando desde un procedure de Oracle PL/SQL

Remember that Twitter accounts can be configured to be open to any user, or can be secured so that only users to access Twitter to be granted permission to 'follow'.

You can find the code and a detailed explanation on how to create a package for Twittering from PL / SQL in the Database Geek Blog , and updated source code in ORA_Tweet project has created the same Lewis Cunningham on Sourceforge.

Twitter will migrate from MySQL to Cassandra DB

Cassandra is an open source database distributed, is one of the noteworthy projects of the Apache Software Foundation and appears to be hitting hard. By being distributed enables high availability, fault tolerance and, above all, a highly scalable without loss of performance.

And were using companies that handle large amounts of data such as Rackspace, Digg, or Facebook, and the list is expanding.

The latest news, coming from a blog interview with Ryan King MyNoSQL is that Twitter is considering migrating their MySQL server clusters Cassandra DB.

This is a product presentation, which can be found in the same web Cassandra Project