jQuery FlexiGrid 2 in Pentaho

Hello People

Following a series of needs I have decided to develop for the group eglu and, of course, to all of you, a plugin that allows you to use jQuery FlexiGrid since Pentaho-CDF.
Not if you permit to happen, my especially if they need a list with a number of features such as filtering, sorting, paging, sorting, selection of visible columns, resize, etc.. Without doubt, this is what jQuery provides FlexiGrid 2.0. The theme is to make it work in Pentaho is somewhat cumbersome, this was my trigger. Without further ado I attached a video showing the functionality of the plugin. In a few days annexed to the plugin, source, demos and documentation so they can try and give me feedback. 

It goes without saying that most who do this, we do part time and in our spare time, in my case at least is absolutely well, so this goes a little, the plug is fully functional, although almost no tests, but the documentation is lacking.
It is clear that valid to use this plugin you must know some html, javascript, jquery and cdf, not much, but necessary. 


Downloadable version of the video in high definition: 

Flexigrid in Pentaho-Demo