CRM solutions for SMEs

I've found an interesting Discussion on CRM Experts Linkedin Group baout the search of CRM solutions for small businesses.

The debate has many responses and, apart from good advices, have come many proposals for CRM applications aimed at SMEs, so I've decided to create a list, that I hope to be useful:



I have to say I didn't know even half of these solutions, it is amazing the amount of CRM applications that market offer. The fact that most part of them work on the Cloud shows that the world of CRM for SMEs is a good market for On Demand applications.

In my case, the CRM applications for SMEs I've tried are SugarCRM (open source) and now I'm evaluating Zoho CRM, which works on the cloud and can use up to 3 users for free. So far I like the Zoho interface, I find it more intuitive, and has additional useful services. The negative part is that some features, such as sending campaign emails are only included in the paid versions, and with Sugar can be done with any basic installation.

You are welcome to explain your experience, or to propose more applications to the list.