Change the host name (hostname) in Windows XP with DB2 9.7

In many cases it happens that for some reason changed the hostname in our operating system, if this is the case and we also have an installation of DB2 9.7 ESE and the operating system is Windows XP, the way our DB2 instance start up correctly is:

Suppose the old name is new is OLDNAME and NEWNAME

  1. entered the Windows shell:
          Inicio/Ejecutar--> cmd
  2. once in the console:

> db2admin stop    // stop the DAS instance
> db2stop          // stop the DB2 instance (engine)
> db2set -g DB2SYSTEM=NEWNAME  // change the host name in the register global

At this point is to locate and modify the contents of db2nodes.cfg (ESE versions only "Enterprise Server Edition") located at:

"<% Documents and Settings>%> \ All Users \ Application Data \ IBM \ DB2 \ DB2COPY1 \ DB2 \ db2nodes.cfg"

Previous Content:

0 oldname OLDNAME 0 

New Content

0 Newname NEWNAME 0


> db2extsec -a TFGXP02\DB2ADMNS -u TFGXP02\DB2USERS // edit the authorizations to the groups defined in the installation 
> db2admin start // star DAS instance
> db2start // star DB2 instance (engine)



Mariano García Mattio