Do you think social media analytics are a relevant indicator of the election trends?



 Data2Action is an agile data mining platform with integrated components for rapid application development. 

One deliverable of Data2Action is SAM, for Social Analytics and Monitoring. 

With the upcoming Belgian Elections of the 25th May 2014, we are analysing tweets 

in Belgium and will publish the results on our blog 

We wonder what your ideas are on the predictibility of Twitter analytics. 

Give us your comments in English or in Spanish, we will be happy to reply.

Responda en castellano o en inglés, coma quiera!


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Social media analytics basically share their knowledge about relevant election trends and they monitor every aspect. They always make authentic points on assignments online australia and their ideas are on the predictivity of twitter analysis.


I think social media is used for decisions of all kinds. In a few years, the social media population is very increasing everything in it because it is a relevant indicator on election trends. show you many things related to your questions