The value of a scientific article

A good article is written for the reader and only then for the author.

To write a modern good scientific article, it is not enough to be a cool scientist - you need to upgrade the skills of a content maker and editor. Innate writing talent is rare, but it can be learned. Here are three components of creating high-quality scientific texts.


Motivation. The best way is to answer the question “Why should I write an article?”. It is also necessary to set the purpose of a thesis statement for yourself, because you can only work with a plan when there is a goal. You must also understand that the main thing is not money, but the result. Online help writers can help you find the right motivation, because this is their calling and they know exactly why it is worth studying well and doing all the tasks. The goal can also be to get a good position after graduation, yes, this is a long-term goal, but often the most important one. The set goal, the right motivation and the desire for science help to write not just a custom text, but a text filled with meaning and from the heart.

Information. A scientific article is an analytical text that is always written based on other scientific sources or experimental results. In addition, you need to know about the principles of academic writing, master scientific logic and understand how texts work.

Feedback. Scientific articles have their own specific target audience - other researchers, reviewers, editor and supervisor of the author. Writing in a vacuum will not work: in each new publication, you need to take into account previous jambs in order to increase the level of professionalism.

The working mood, high-quality references and comments of the editor help to create the value of the article for the reader.

Cargo cult of scientific articles

A huge number of formal requirements, on the one hand, hinder the development of a culture of scientific research, scaring away potential authors. On the other hand, severe formal restrictions allow an unscrupulous author to imitate scientific activity. In purely practical areas, such as marketing or game development, technology becomes obsolete faster than papers get peer-reviewed. Because of this, industry experts prefer to give advice on forums, and classic articles remain a mere retelling of textbooks from the 90s. But with the help of best essay writing service reddit reviews, you can find honest reviews about it. Stereotypes about the "correct" scientific language make it difficult for many aspiring authors to focus on creating value and benefit for the reader. At the same time, unscrupulous researchers turn academic language into a manipulation tool. Games with formulations allow you to hide the secondary importance and lack of practical or theoretical significance of the work.

Cargo cult in history

During the Second World War, natives living on the islands in the Pacific Ocean watched how military planes dropped provisions on the territory of US military bases. Hoping to receive gifts from heaven, the locals began building straw planes and painting "USA" on their backs. The phenomenon was called a cargo cult. Now this term has become synonymous with the word "imitation".


Focus on creating value, not imitation of science. Do not increase the length of sentences for the sake of volume and do not write abstrusely - this is a cargo cult.