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Azure Storage for BigData

Microsoft Azure offers a wide array of storage options for documents, objects, data and media. Companies working with big data need repositories that can hold large amounts of data in one place. Choosing the right storage for your data in Azure can be complicated. Read on to learn about Azure’s offerings for big data, and the appropriate use case for each service..


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Big Data and Cloud Computing

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Every year, digital environments accumulate more and more data. Big data systems take in these huge amounts of raw data, and then turn it into meaningful information. These systems can operate on-premises or in the cloud.

Read on to learn why big data systems work well in cloud computing environments, and what challenges you can expect when placing your big data in the cloud. Hint: cloud computing services place big data controls right at your fingertips.



Big Data Analytics

Big Data AnalyticsIn this guide, you’ll learn how to extract Hunk to VM. We’ll also see how to set up Hunk variables and configuration files. You’ll learn how to run Hunk and how to set up the data provided and a virtual index for the CDR data.

You’ll also learn how to create a dashboard