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  • SOA In a Day at India's Most Influential Business Technology Conference

    SOA In a Day at India's Most Influential Business Technology Conference
    Business Technology Summit 2010 – India's First, Largest and Single-most Inspirational Technology Show

    Bangalore, July 12, 2010: Businesses are organizing themselves with Service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA moved from exploration and experimentation to pilots and deployment, with businesses understanding that SOA adoption betters data integration, enables legacy application integration, improves flexibility of application development, integrates dissimilar, departmental applications and reduces costs. SOA is addressed in a full-day conference at the 2010 edition of Business Technology Summit. The summit will be held 12 November at the NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bangalore.

    Centered on the theme Shaping Your Enterprise for New Business Realities, the third edition of India's annual summit for business technologies features two important and relevant tracks – SOA (12 Nov) and Cloud Computing (11 Nov) – to empower you with the necessary know-how for your applications and your company to prosper in this climate, now and into the future. The following tracks are covered in the SOA conference on 12 November: