Import PST to Office 365

PST files allow you to access email data in an email client, even without being connected to the internet. After moving to Office 365, you may need to import data from PST files to Office 365 accounts for users to see their old email data in Office 365. After transferring PST file data into Office 365 account, the data will get secured from external threats like a virus attack as Office 365 is safe enough to handle these threats.

Even though there are manual methods like Drive Shipping and Network upload available to import PST to Office 365, but the time taken by these native tools is quite high. 

The manual approach is quite complex for non-technical users, so it is better to look for an automated tool to import PST to Office 365. On the other hand, the Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool takes all responsibility and complexity of the import process on itself and gives users a quick data transfer approach.

This software gets designed to move out any PST file type into Office 365 without making any changes in the data structure. The prominent feature of the tool is it prevents duplicity that stops duplicate data from going into the migration. This tool effectively transfers PST file data like journals, attachments, emails, notes, etc into Office 365 mailbox. Using this tool, users can add as many files without thinking of their size. 

This utility has an excellent user interface that makes importing PST files into Office 365 a breeze. It is one of the best software to have if you want to transfer PST data to Office 365. Users should download its free demo version to make sure about the software working and its feature. The demo version allows you to convert and save the first fifty items per folder from PST to O365.

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