Even though succulents are literally prehistoric, having sprung up some 5 to 10 million years ago, they are at the height of their historical popularity. And it’s definitely not hard to see why: they’re hardy, ultra-versatile and they come in nearly every size, shape, and color you could imagine.

That’s why they are the perfect plant for the creatively minded who love DIY projects to perk up their home’s vibes. Want a cute little succulent to put in your cute little teacup? Done. What about a living piece of succulent jewelry that grows as you wear it? No problemo. Or maybe you want a colorful batch of trippy-looking indoor succulents decorating your bedroom? Again, succulents are the perfect guy or gal for the job!

Succulents types: peperomia graveolens | mother of thousands | portulacaria afra | variegated string-of hearts | gymnocalycium mihanovichii | echeveria elegans | crassula capitella | euphoria lactea cristata | thimble cactus | crassula ovata | sedum adolphii | sedum rubrotinctum | aloe aristata | aeonium kiwi | adromischus cristatus

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