Far-Reaching Impact of Microsoft's Entry into RPA

analyticsinsight.net - Microsoft has officially entered the robotic process automation (RPA) marketplace with some major changes to its Power Platform. Learn about the far-reaching impact of Microsoft’s entry into RPA.

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When spreadsheets are no longer working

cfo.com - When spreadsheets are no longer working

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How to show Previous 6 Months of data from the single
selection of a Date Slicer

How to show Last 6 Months of data based on the single selection of a Month SlicerScenario :Lets suppose we wants to show the last 6 Months data based on single Date/Month selected from a Slicer. We can achieve this scenario using various techniques. However, the following is the one of the method, based on reference Date table as explained below.The Dat...


Behind the scenes: Running the Power BI service

I’m excited to share a new whitepaper that describes the Power BI team’s approach to maintaining a reliable, performant, and scalable service for our customers.


Logging (Datasets, users & query performance) – Part
6 – Migration AAS to PPU

Another important aspect when having datasets is being able to log and monitor performance. In this blog post I am going to compare the logging between Azure Analysis Services (AAS) and Power BI Premium Per User (PPU). With the recent release of PPU having integration with Log Analytics it makes it a lot easier to compare the logging options between...