Percona Monthly Bug Report: November 2021

Percona Bug Report November 2021

Percona Bug Report November 2021Here at Percona, we operate on...


How to get last logon of user on Domain Controllers using

This Powershell script will iterate through all available Domain Controllers associated with Active Directory . It will record the last logon time on the specific Domain Controllers. 

The script takes as an input parameter the id of the user . 

In a previous post I outlined...


Querying Archived RDS Data Directly From an S3

querying archived rds data from s3 bucket.png



Rate-limit Kafka event generation with kcat and bash

Traffic for event streamsRecently, I worked with IBM Cloud Event Streams which is a message bus built with Apache Kafka. I was looking for a simple command-line tool to test my Event Streams instance and to stream access logs into it. That's when I ran into kcat (formerly known as kafkacat). It is a generic command line Kafka producer and consumer and...