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Sharing the Code – Engagement from 25 Years of Java


Miniaturized organs are joining the fight against COVID-19,


Low Value in range_optimizer_max_mem_size Might Cause Full
Table Scan

range_optimizer_max_mem_size Might Cause Full Table Scan



MySQL Invisible Column: part II

This article is the second part of the series related to

MySQL Invisible Column
started here.

This post covers why Invisible Column is important for InnoDB
Storage Engine.



Database Performance Archaeology

… an expedition to uncover (and fix) database performance

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One of the worse things that can happen when upgrading to a
newer database version is discovering that...


Oracle a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Graph Data
Platforms, Q4 2020

Graph Visualization, Graph Database

Oracle is pleased to be recognized as a Leader in The Forrester
Wave™: Graph Data Platforms, Q4 2020. Oracle scored 5 out...


MySQL Shell AdminAPI – What’s new in 8.0.23?

The MySQL Development Team is happy to announce a new 8.0
Maintenance Release of MySQL Shell AdminAPI

In addition to several bug fixes and minor changes, some
significant enhancements regarding
monitoring/troubleshooting and
performance were included.



Drain Kubernetes Nodes… Wisely

Drain Kubernetes Nodes WiselyDrain Kubernetes Nodes WiselyWhat is Node Draining?

Anyone who ever worked with...


How to Setup Automatic Failover for the Moodle MySQL

In a
previous blog
, we had discussed how to migrate a standalone
Moodle setup to scalable setup based on a clustered database. The
next step you will need to think about is the failover mechanism -