Why Keeping in Touch Matters

According to a study by National Association of REALTORS©, the
average home buyer plans to stay in their home for at least 15
years – a fact most real estate agents are painfully aware of.
This fact may cause you to wonder...


Automotive CRM: A Way to Earn More Loyal Customers for Car

ScienceSoft lists top automotive CRM software for car dealers to
automate customer acquisition and retention.


Export key attribute uniquename for component CustomAPI must
start with a valid customization prefix exception while creating
Custom Action in Dynamics 365

We might get below error while creating a custom action from the
maker portal without specifying the prefix. Unhandled exception:
Exception type:
Message: Export key attribute uniquename for component CustomAPI
must start with a valid...


Improving Dynamics 365 Data Integrations with Alternate

Dynamics 365 Data integrations is something that we're quite
familiar with - whether it's a custom integration tailored for one
of our customers or it's utilizing our popular pre-built
For Distribution
.  Microsoft added alternate key...


Trends in 2021: How Email Automation Tools Are

According tostatistics
by McKinsey
, marketing strategies and budgets within
organizations of all sizes across the world have been hugely...


Force Sync Users from Azure AD to Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics 365
When an new Environment is created, it takes more than an hour or
some times a day to sync users from Azure AD to CRM. Through Power
Shell cmdlets, we can sync user immediately....


The Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App Helps Salespeople Stay
Productive From Anywhere

The new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, now available for
preview, is optimized to help your Sales team stay productive from
wherever they're working. The key capabilities of the mobile app
enable sellers to prepare more thoroughly for customer engagements,
log and share information quickly, and easily find information they


Mortgage Borrower Marketing and Partnership Management

When mortgage brokers and loan officers are working to expand
their network of high-quality contacts and convert new clients,
organization is crucial. This is especially true in cases where
other business partners are involved in delivering borrower
referrals. In today’s digital marketplace, there are innumerable
channels of...


Dynamics CRM On Premise Maintenance Jobs!

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Ricky Safford Development Repository
Please remember to reschedule these maintenance jobs after the
installation of CRM is completed. Maintenance Job Name Purpose
Default Frequency/ Recommendation Deletion...


Allowed Custom Processing Step Type
(AllowedCustomProcessingStepType) property of Custom API in
Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Dataverse

Continuing our previous posts, let us check the
AllowedCustomProcessingStepType attribute in this blog post