Milloy on OANN talking $15 minimum wage with Kara McKinney
on ‘Tipping Point’

From the January 20, 2021 episode.


AzureCosmosR: interface to Azure Cosmos DB

by Hong Ooi

Last week
, I announced AzureCosmosR, an R interface to
Azure Cosmos DB
, a fully-managed NoSQL database service in
Azure. This post gives a short...


Donating 25,000 DataCamp Subscriptions to Organizations
Around the World

Nonprofits, public schools, and social welfare organizations are
now eligible to receive free hands-on data education through
DataCamp Donates.


Data Science Central Weekly Digest, 18 Jan 2021

Data Science Central Weekly Digest, 18 Jan
Welcome to the DSC Weekly Digest, a...


Winning by Losing: Trump redo of Obama Clean Power Plan
vacated by DC Circuit Court of Appeals

The Trump EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule has been
vacated by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Oddly enough, this is a
win. Here’s why. The Obama Clean Power Plan (CPP) was stayed by
the Supreme Court. The greens do not want it reinstated. The Trump
ACE rule was dumb since it assumed that …


Milloy discusses Biden revocation of Keystone XL pipeline
permit on Fox News

My 4:45 am ET appearance this morning on FOX & Friends First
talking Joe Biden’s planned revocation of the Trump-approved
permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. You can read my related column
“Biden’s Attack on the Keystone XL Pipeline Is Politics, Not
Policy” at


4 Common Data Analysis Mistakes to Watch Out For

  • Statistical analysis is poorly misunderstood by many, resulting
    in array of problems.
  • There are many ways to ruin your data analysis.
  • 4 of the less well-known mistakes to watch out for.

I recently came across an article in eLife (a peer reviewed
journal) calledTen common statistical mistakes to watch out...


Machine Learning / Stats / BI: Mini Translation

Here I provide translations for various important terms, to help
professionals from related backgrounds better understand each
other. In particular, machine learning professionals versus



Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Machine

The title of this blog is accurate

There are indeed some caveats / disadvantages to automated
machine learning.

This blog was...


Can Gerrymandering Be Ended via Machine Learning?

Gerrymandering has long been a problem in the
process of choosing...