6 Best AI-Based Apps in 2020: A Brief Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the best recognized and
most visible technologies in this time of science and technology.
It allows accomplishing the task in less time more reliably and
consistently. This innovative technology enables you to simplify
your activities, thinking skills, speed the process, and make the
traditional system more genius.

AI is a technology that, if used in the proper direction, will
benefit your business, making you more efficient in your activities
and essentially assist you in making money.

AI is being used to develop respectively mobile and web-based
applications. In the past years, AI-controlled solutions or
software for iOS and Android are increasingly emerging in the
market. Excessive use of smartphones is a crucial factor in the
development of robust AI applications.

In this article, we will give you brief details about some of
the successful AI-based apps available in the market.

Below Are 6 Best AI-Based Apps for iOS and

  • Cortana: Cortana is a virtual assistant developed by
    Microsoft. This application is currently the most successful
    AI-based app. By using Cortana, you can keep your calendar and
    schedule up to date, create and maintain lists, set a reminder and
    alarms, find facts, definitions and information, and many more.
    This application syncs your mobile and your computer. It can also
    respond to questions using data from the Bing search engine. For
    example, weather and traffic conditions, sports scores,
    biographies, etc.
  • Wysa: Without a question, with Wysa, you
    can initiate a discussion with strangers. It's an AI-driven chatbot
    and incredibly friendly when you're far from everyone. This
    application allows you to start a conversation with an unfamiliar
    person with confidence. Wysa also helps you to address a variety of
    issues, including depression, anxiety, sleep, problems regarding
    the LGBTQ+ community, and much more.
  • ELSA: ELSA is an AI-powered application
    which works only as a Digital English Tutor. Users can learn to
    speak English more fluently without much of a push using this
    application. ELSA utilizes patented speech technology with Machine
    Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify people's
    pronunciation errors.
    • ELSA has a variety of highlights that are required to reach
      a moderate level of intelligence in English. This application has
      voice recognition technology. This stunning feature allows you to
      interact with the necessary American literary pronunciation in
  • FaceApp: FaceApp is a photo-morphing
    application developed by Facebook. This application is an
    incredibly well-known AI-driven Android and iOS platforms. It helps
    to transform the actual photos into an amazing one. With the help
    of this smart application, you can change the overall appearance,
    such as a smile, a haircut, and give a unique look.
  • Google Allo: With this app, user can send
    messages without typing. The user has to tell Google Allo, in
    particular, what to write in a message. By this, you can send
    unlimited messages free of charge to anyone. Google Allo also acts
    as a browser interface and runs on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
    and Opera.
  • Meitu: Meitu is one of the most magnificent
    beauty filter applications that can make your selfies more
    gorgeous. This application modifies your photos using its built-in
    advanced AI algorithms. You can also include messages, blur
    backgrounds, and add filters. Young ladies are particularly
    attracted to this application as it has a variety of makeup options
    that allow them to hide acne, trim the face, firm the skin, widen
    the eyes, and remove dark circles.


In this cutting edge world, AI is turning into a
helpful tool for an enormous number of companies. A few major
companies have begun using AI-based software. Likewise, a gigantic
number of small firms have additionally begun to put resources in
AI to improve their competitiveness through effectiveness,
innovation, and profitability.

Remember, after finalizing the idea that you will be
working on, the next step is to connect with the best mobile app
development company which will design and develop a mobile app.
Also, you have to update yourself regarding the latest market trend
and analyze the future trend.