Budget for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM with Our Quick Quote

If you are investigating CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
solutions, you’ve probably zeroed in on Microsoft Dynamics
365/CRM. A lot of questions about features and usability will be
answered by reading posts by our expert members on the CRM Software
Blog. You can gain a wealth of information. But one question you
will rarely see answered until you sit down with a partner is: How
much will it cost?

It’s not easy to pin down an estimate for some CRM solutions
(plus ongoing license and user fees) because there are so many
variables. Here at CRM Software Blog, we have a solution for

The Quick Quote Tool

Years ago, the CRM Software Blog developed our Quick Quote tool.
And as the industry has evolved and progressed, we’ve adjusted
the tool to keep pace. The Quick Quote tool now provides a working
estimate for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s comprehensive
solution that integrates ERP and CRM. You’ll still get an
estimated price for the total cost of software, implementation,
training, and ongoing costs. The Quick Quote tool is a hassle-free
way to determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM is a fit for your
business and your budget.

The Quick
 tool takes only a few minutes, and it’s totally free.
Here’s how it works:

Look on the right-hand side of any page of the CRM Software Blog
for the orange bar labeled: “Request Instant Quote Dynamics

Click on the orange bar, and you’ll land on the Quick Quote

Fill out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Quote request form to
let us know whether you’re interested in the Business Edition or
Enterprise Edition, what level you want (Basic, Basic Plus, or
Advanced), how many users you anticipate, and your contact
information. It’s as easy as that. Click submit, and within a
couple of minutes, a personalized proposal will appear in your

The proposal will contain a detailed budgetary estimate and
information about setup and training, client testimonial videos,
and a dozen or so links to helpful information so you can learn all
about how you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 can to the greatest
advantage at your company. Your contact information will be
forwarded to just one of our CRM Software Blog members who will be
glad to answer any questions you have and work with you on the
installation if you choose. Of course, both the estimate and the
partner referral are non-binding. They are provided for your

So, why not try the Quick Quote
? It’s fast, and it’s free. Get your Quick Quote
estimate now!

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