On-Prem Cloud For ERP

At the risk of my friends at SAP calling me crazy, I still firmly
believe that cloud computing and ERP aren’t a good match. The
first clues: SAP is selling Qualtrics and Oracle wants to move into
our datacenter.

On Prem Cloud ERP- Of course, it’s a little misleading to say
that SAP is selling Qualtrics. SAP wants to spin out the experience
management company in the U.S
to do a little damage control
. Both companies are supposed to
benefit: SAP will get back some money and Qualtrics can continue
its success independently.

There are always two sides of the coin, however: Spinning out
Qualtrics means that SAP is admitting defeat. It apparently really
was impossible to integrate Qualtrics with SAP’s solutions or the
Hana platform.

CEO Christian Klein already knew what a disaster it would be in
2019 – but he wasn’t the one leading the company back then.
Now, it’s too late: Many customers have opted for Qualtrics in
the hopes of seamless integration with their existing solutions,
but all they will be getting now are half-hearted consolidation
attempts with Fiori. So, the whole Qualtrics situation is a
disaster – and others are sure to come if SAP continues down the
same path.

On-prem cloud

There are applications that are suitable for cloud computing,
and others that aren’t. Oracle co-founder, executive chairman and
CTO Larry Ellison is one of the first to recognize this, realizing
that ERP users need a completely new cloud concept, maybe also a
new datacenter concept, that goes far beyond traditional hybrid
cloud scenarios. Oracle isn’t saying that ERP and cloud don’t
match – it’s saying that the execution of hybrid concepts up
until now has been lacking.

ERP is an intimate challenge that needs to be tackled in a
secure environment. A modern datacenter is the natural habitat of
an ERP system. For years or even decades, SAP customers have worked
on harmonizing, consolidating and virtualizing their systems –
all of this work can’t have been for naught.

With its new cloud approach, Oracle is trying to preserve
everything that makes on-premises operation so indispensable while
leveraging the cloud’s scalability. However, Larry Ellison’s
idea is not a typical hybrid approach where customers try to
benefit from the best of both worlds. Oracle is trying to combine
the two concepts in the hopes of creating a new one – an on-prem
cloud, if you will.

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