Dataprix laboratories inaugurate an online demo of Pentaho


Dataprix We have created a space in which we call Lab, accessible from the domain, where we operate online experiments and demonstrations of products.

Start the experiment, in beta, allowing online access to the  virtual image and Mariano Dario Pentaho , of Grupo Eglu. Try it and you will tell us how this performs. We hope in future to be updated version of Pentaho and go to expand the data, reports and dashboards available, but what there is now enough to prove how this Open Source BI server. And if someone wants to tweak more simply download the virtual image, with all pre-configured development environment.

The user pre-configured in the demo have permission to create new reports. To ensure the quality and usefulness of the same from time to time review the new reports, and leave only those that we find most interesting.


Demo de Pentaho en el laboratorio de Dataprix


As of now we only have this demo, gives direct access to it, when we put up more shows we'll create a web page to access all or something ..

Our online demonstration environments run on VMWare virtual images, if anyone has an interesting installation ready, and wants to make it work within our laboratory, contact us and see how. Keep in mind above all licensing issues, all software that contains the image has to allow for public access use, to have permits for the manufacturer if the software is not free, etc. ..

For this first demo we started, for example, all software is Open Source: Ubuntu, MySQL and Pentaho Community Edition.

I hope you enjoy the demo!!!