Wave 2 of the Dynamics 365 2020 Release is just about here. And
there are some pretty exciting innovations that will improve the
way businesses do business.

The release includes substantial enhancements and hundreds of
new features across Dynamics 365 applications including Marketing,
Sales, Customer Service, among others.

While the entire 2020 release plan is immense – and laid out
in a 486-page document
that you can download here
- the October release includes some
notable upgrades.

Without diving too deep into everything the new release has to
offer, here is a quick overview of some of the exciting bells and
whistles you can expect specifically in Dynamics 365 for Marketing
in the month of October.



Microsoft understands customer engagement is the key to every
business development process. This month, they add meat to their
highly touted 360-degree view of customers with smart improvements
to relationship-building processes and capabilities.

  • In-Place Editing of Email & Forms. No
    longer will you have to disengage from a customer journey to create
    or edit email communications or forms. In-place editing keeps the
    focus where it should be – within the customer journey. You can
    also create or edit marketing forms related to an event within the
    event itself. This one is a big improvement and just makes smart
  • Enhanced Content-Rich Social Media Creation and
    The entire social media post creation
    experience has been redesigned for ease of use, better management
    across multiple channels and enhanced scheduling features.
  • A Redesigned, More Efficient Customer Journey
    The new design offers a more intuitive approach to
    building customer journeys. The experience is further enhanced by
    no longer needing to hop between the canvas and the toolbox when
    creating the journey. One of my favorite new features is the
    inclusion of negative journey paths that allows you to create
    alternate journeys and follow-up events for those customers not
    meeting a certain condition (like not opening an email or not
    clicking on a specified link). This alone is a real
  • Running Webinars within Microsoft Teams. With
    the onslaught of virtual events, the October release enables you to
    manage webinars and video meetings in Teams, directly from the
    Dynamics 365 Marketing platform. You can create and host live
    events – and integrate them directly into Marketing events.
    Businesses are already looking for better alternatives to Zoom and
    other video conferencing platforms and Microsoft is definitely
    stepping up to the plate.
  • Expanded Entity Options for Easy Data
    Before now, forms had to be connected to a
    lead or contact. But with the new release, forms no longer need to
    be mapped this way. Instead, marketers can store form submissions
    to other entities. and workflows can be created to move the data to
    where it needs to be.


The entirety of Dynamics 365 October Release is enormous, with
updates and enhancements made throughout the entire suite of
applications including Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field
Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources,
Commerce, Fraud Protection, and Business Central. There are also
Microsoft Power Platform
features in the new release, including
substantial improvements for Power Apps developers.

Suffice to say Microsoft continues to create and deploy
exceptional CRM capabilities – and Dynamics 365 is increasingly
fortifying its place as the industry innovator.

And there is certainly more cool stuff to come.

By Christopher Smith, Founder & CEO of Empellor CRM. 

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