Logotipo de DataprixAs many have noticed, we changed Dataprix logo.

Although the symbol of the head with the database during the previous logo reflected fairly well the spirit of Dataprix, and the relationship between data and knowledge, we believe it necessary to create a logo more 'professional', which will be the basis corporate image Dataprix.

Our primary corporate color is still blue, so the change on the web has not noticed too. We have changed the symbol for a 3D database, and D-shaped, to keep referring to the data, and lose the reference to knowledge that gave us the figure of a blue head, but you can not have everything in life ;).

In addition, we've heard from somewhere that may be better to simplify the meaning of the symbol to convey a clearer picture. For people not as technological areas, which need not recognize the symbol of a database could also be difficult to identify. On occasion I have come to discuss that on seeing the logo Dataprix seemed he might have something to do with a headache, or Bayer aspirin ..

On the textual part of the logo, really is the part I needed more urgently a renovation and we are satisfied with the outcome. We have also incorporated the slogan "Knowledge Is The Goal 'at the base, and we decided to leave it in English so that the same logo is appropriate for different language versions to be working on our website.

On the web, we've made some change in color, and font type for the text to achieve a more uniform appearance, and certainly we will do some more in, we expect things to help convey an image that everyone who Dataprix form the community we feel identified.