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Apache Hadoop

Arquitectura de apache Hadoop

The Hadoop software library is a framework that enables distributed processing of large datasets using clusters of computers or servers, using simple programming models.

Hadoop is designed to scale easily from single server systems to thousands of machines...

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service allows for configuring, using, and scaling a relational database in the cloud.

The service automates administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, database configuration, patch deployment, and backup creation.


SAP HANA is a high-performance in-memory database that accelerates real-time data-driven decisions and actions and supports all workloads, with the broadest advanced analytics on multi-model data, on-premise and in the cloud.

SAP HANA On Premise

The SAP HANA on premise installation supports transactional and analytical processing for volumes:


Based on AI, with the aim of obtaining more valuable information and available anywhere through the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark

Spark is an open source framework from Apache Software Foundation for distributed processing of large amounts of data on clusters of computers, designed for use in Big Data environments, and created to enhance the capabilities of its predecessor MapReduce.

Spark inherits the scalability and fault tolerance capabilities of MapReduce, but far surpasses it in terms of processing speed, ease of use and analytical capabilities...

Oracle Database

Oracle Database delivers performance, scalability, reliability and security in both on-premise and cloud deployments.

Oracle Database 19c is the current long-term release, which also provides the highest level of release stability and the longest time frame for support and bug fixes.

Apache Hive

Editor de consultas SQL de Apache Hive

Hive is a software that works on Hadoop clusters creating a layer that allows the developer to abstract from the management of HDFS and MapReduce files through SQL-based data query operations, with the HiveQL language...

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft's classic relational database management system (RDBMS) and one of the best-selling databases on the market.

The database runs in server mode, but can only be installed on Windows servers, providing data and structure access and manipulation services, which can be used from client applications or tools such as SQL Server Management Studio, SQLCmd, or third-party tools that can use connectors such as ODBC, ADO.NET or OLE-DB to execute TSQL commands on SQL Server...