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LANSA BI is a business intelligence tool that seamlessly integrates with IBM DB2 databases and is specially designed to provide analytics for IBM i/AS400 applications.
Its native integration with DB2 enables real-time data analysis and business intelligence report generation...

Infor BI

Suite Infor BI - Cuadro de mando

Infor BI is Infor's Business Intelligence platform. The suite operates independently of Infor ERP, similar to SAP's ERP and BI Business Objects, but ERP customers have the advantage of being able to access pre-built models using Infor ERP as a data source...

Jedox suite

Jedox BI CM

The Jedox BI and CPM platform works on an in-memory OLAP database to create multidimensional read and write cubes to support Jedox's reporting and planning tools...


QlikView Desktop

QlikView is a Business Discovery platform. It enables business users to connect data from many different sources, explore it and make discoveries.

It works with associative technology, connecting data; users search and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics, from any device. They can ask and answer all kinds of questions on their own or in groups. QlikView is a single product with multiple components, designed to be used by business users, business analysts, BI application developers and IT professionals...

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop

Tableau is an extremely versatile business analytics software that allows you to directly connect to multiple data sources and quickly create analytical reports and dashboards without the need to implement a metadata layer. This facilitates the direct use of the analytical tool by analysts and business users, minimizing dependence on the IT department...

Tableau Server

Tableau Server y dispositivos móbiles

Tableau Server is Tableau's server software, which allows you to host reports and dashboards developed with Tableau Desktop, to access them from different computers and devices in your organisation, and to manage security by users and groups. Tableau Server allows you to embed reports into other applications such as Salesforce or Sharepoint...

SAP BusinessObjects BI

SAP Business Objects BISAP BusinessObjects BI is SAP's Business Intelligence suite. At the core of this comprehensive platform is a metadata-driven Business Intelligence environment based on relational models (ROLAP approach), the 'Universes' of BO.

These are the main tools that make up the SAP BI suite...

Diver Platform

Cuadro de mando de Diver Platform, de Dimensional Insight

Diver Platform is Dimensional Insight's Business Intelligence suite.

The platform includes an ETL tool for data loading from different sources, and a tool for creating multidimensional data models on which operational, analytical, and dashboard reports can be built...

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is a business analytics solution that allows all data to be explored visually with an easy-to-use interface accessible to users of all levels, without the need for statistical, technical or design skills.

Visual Analytics within the I.B. solutions available on the market is positioned within the analytical visualisation solutions. In this group we have solutions such as Qlikview, Tableau, Tibco Spotfire and others. In summary, the proposal of this type of solutions is as follows:..