SAS Enterprise BI Server

SAS Enterprise BI Server is a Business Intelligence platform that provides web-based access to reports, with data sources that can be relational models or SAS OLAP cubes.

SAS Web Report Studio


With SAS Enterprise BI, you can create interactive reports and dashboards with a wide variety of graphics, customizable by roles and users, and the ability to generate desktop alerts.

SAS BI Dashboard


SAS Mobile BI applications, which are available for free download, allow you to access relational reports from mobile devices.

SAS Mobile BI

The platform includes integration with Microsoft Office, including the ability to view dashboards and KPIs in Outlook and SharePoint, in addition to the usual integration with MS Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

SAS reports can be integrated into Java applications using the SAS AppDev Studio development platform.

The complementary software SAS Enterprise Guide provides a self-service analytical model development environment for analysts and statisticians.

The usual installation is on-premise, on client servers, although SAS offers the possibility of installing in the cloud for any SAS software, so the BI server could also be hosted on the SAS cloud.


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