LANSA BI is a business intelligence tool that seamlessly integrates with IBM DB2 databases and is specially designed to provide analytics for IBM i/AS400 applications.

Its native integration with DB2 enables real-time data analysis and business intelligence report generation.

With LANSA BI, you can create custom reports and dashboards, allowing users to gain a comprehensive and detailed view of data and significantly enhancing data comprehension for informed decision-making.

One notable feature of LANSA BI is its user-centric approach. Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, this software enables business professionals to efficiently explore complex data, regardless of their level of expertise in data analysis. This results in improved accessibility to critical information and a significant boost in data comprehension for informed decision-making.

Another prominent feature is its Natural Language Query (NLQ) functionality, which allows users to ask questions in plain language and receive accurate and detailed answers in graphical form.

Lastly, LANSA BI has the capability to generate predictive information and analysis, empowering users to make informed and strategic decisions.

Key Features of LANSA BI

  • Native integration with DB2 databases.
  • Data analysis and business intelligence report generation.
  • Real-time data analysis and visualization.
  • Custom report generation and dashboards.
  • Natural Language Query (NLQ) functionality.
  • Assisted generation of predictive information and analysis.

Resources on LANSA BI

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