Large company, more than 100 employees

Huawei Gauss DB

Huawei GaussDB is an enterprise-class AI-Native distributed database that uses the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture.

GaussDB supports both row and column-oriented storage and is capable of processing petabytes of data. GaussDB offers a cost-efficient, general-purpose computing platform to manage massive data sets and is compatible with a wide range of data warehousing systems, business intelligence (BI) systems, and decision support systems (DSS).

Tableau Desktop

Tableau is an extremely versatile business analytics software that allows to connect directly to a multitude of data sources, and quickly create analytical reports and dashboards without the need to implement a metadata layer, making it easier to use the analytical tool for business and analyst users, minimizing the dependency on the IT department..

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a Tableau initiative that allows you to use a free version of Tableau Desktop to create visualizations that can be uploaded to a personal space in the cloud (the Tableau cloud) and shared with anyone with internet access. The Tableau Public website thus creates a community of visualization authors who are exposed in the web gallery.

Tableau Public


SEMrushSEMrush is a web tool for SEO and SEM analysis, focused on the search for keywords (Keyword Research) and competitive analysis.
This web tool, pay per use, provides a user-friendly analysis using data giving access to organic positioning and pay per click for the top 20 positioned keywords in the search results (SERP) of local versions of Google and Bing search engines for key countries and to more than 71 million domains...