Semrush is a web tool for SEO and SEM analysis, focused on the search for keywords (Keyword Research) and competitive analysis.

This web tool, pay per use, provides a user-friendly analysis using data giving access to organic positioning and pay per click for the top 20 positioned keywords in the search results (SERP) of local versions of Google and Bing search engines for key countries and to more than 71 million domains.

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Semrush tool for analyzing SEM and SEO

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools, and is indicated especially for professionals in marketing departments of medium and large businesses, and agencies and consultants SEO and SEM services.

Lets compare or track in a very intuitive way to positions of domains, own or competition, search results for keywords, both paid and organic search, ads Adwords competition, search volume, and even prices CPC keywords.

In the aspect of SEO tool, it is ideal for analyzing keywords from relationships with domains or initial keywords, facilitating both the discovery of related keywords or used successfully in sites of domains competitors, as a Quick competitive analysis for evaluating search volume and competition for those words, so select words with a good search volume and competition affordable level.

As part of SEM tool Semrush allows direct research toward the positioning portion of Google sponsored links, evaluate own Adwords ads or competitive position themselves better in the search engine results, the keywords work best, trends in advertising, or estimate the budget you are spending competitors.

Analytical reporting functionality Semrush

  • Organic Search 
    Consultation best keywords competitors, discovery and analysis of competition in organic positioning and tracking changes in positioning domains

  • Research advertisements 
    SEM analysis of competition, keywords and ad text competitors advertising strategies and research budget of the competition, competitors discovery of new advertisers, ad analysis by geographic region.

  • Keyword Research 
    Discovery of appropriate strategies for SEO and PPC keywords, long tail keywords and related keywords and phrases matching.

  • Backlinks 
    Analysis of backlinks, types, anchor text, query authority and geographic location of referral domains

  • Ads Products List (PLA) 
    Analysis ad campaigns competitors in Google Shopping

Semrush tools

  • Position tracking 
    Tracking and sending reports domains and keywords, keyword grouping tags, and guidance to different geographical regions and devices.

  • Domain vs. domain 
    Direct comparisons between multiple domains, keyword query and distinction between shared and exclusive of each domain, and utilizades graphical display.

  • Graphics 
    Preparation of graphs as selecting key indicators of visibility for different domains

  • Keyword Difficulty 
    Instantaneous calculation of the difficulty of keywords, to find the keywords with less competition and higher search volume

  • Site Audit 
    SEO periodic check of state websites, sensing problems (broken links, incorrect titles or HTML, images without 'alt' tags, pages with duplicate content, error pages ..) or grouped by level of importance ads for optimization and monitoring of the web.


Semrush tutorial in Spanish, with videos, screenshots and examples of use

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