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Artificial intelligence is commonly referred to as everything able to solve tasks of non-routine character on a close to the human level. It is successfully used in a variety of spheres, such as: 

  • Real Estate

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Software can help to solve plethora of problems in various spheres. Considering the manufacturing industry, here are main challenges it faces, which software can help to overcome: 

  • Outdated Software

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Software maintenance is a very important process that follows the launch. Here is the list of reasons why you can’t do without software maintenance: 

  • Bug Fixing

  • User Adoption

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The experienced and skillful team is essential for software development and its successful launch. Main specialists the team consists of: 

  • Business analysts;

  • Project managers;

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When you decide to implement ERP software in your business, you need to take into account the main challenges you will definitely face: 

  • Define Your Business Strategy

  • Choosing a Reliable Vendor


Time is the most significant idea in any business space. We need to plot down our business progress number, income information, or perhaps primary concern, development, and even plan gauges for the forthcoming days which are totally founded on the time limitations. 

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Software development life cycle includes particular phases and specific models. 

Major phases: 

  • Phase 1. Identifying Problems, Requirements Analysis

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A project manager is responsible for everything happening on the project. For successful project launch he/she takes the following steps: 

  • Project Initiation

  • Project Planning

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Implementation of big data in your business may bring a lot of use. It has such benefits as: 

  • Identification of new opportunities 

  • Brand strategy reinforcement

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Popularity of smartphones is constantly increasing, that is why development of a mobile application if you own an e-commerce business is already a must.  

Here are some reasons for that: