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Data has become a central asset to organizations and visualizations are critical to present data in a clear way. Visualization helps organizations make data-driven decisions. Optimizing data visualizations conveys the information in an accessible way that enhances the user experience. This article provides seven practices you can follow to improve your data visualization process..


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Data integration: ETL vs ELTModern enterprises gather data from many disparate sources, including social media, websites, customer databases (CRM systems, sales records etc), customer support systems, and HR software.

Merely collecting lots of data isn't useful in itself—it's the insights you get from such data that can drive more informed business decisions. This post aims to teach you about the bedrock processes required for obtaining insights from your data—ETL and ELT.

We'll begin by discussing data integration, before moving on to two vital forms of data integration—ETL and ELT. When you're finished reading, you'll fully understand what ETL and ELT are, and which process is better suited to your business in terms of getting actionable insights from different data sources..  


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Tableau Dashboard Cookbook: Chapter 1 - A short dash to dashboarding

Tableau Dashboard CookbookThis book follows a step-by-step approach to taking a data source and building up a series of dashboard elements, ultimately resulting in a series of dashboards for your business.


Download chapter 1 of Tableau Dashboard Cookbook:
A short dash to dashboarding!